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Graduation Requirements


West High School has been effective in developing programs to meet the needs of our diverse student population. The school meets the wide array of needs by offering programs such as Honors and Advanced Placement, Gifted And Talented Education, Title 1 Support English Learners, Migrant, Opportunity, Retention, Independent Study, Home Hospital, AVID, and Special Education. West High School’s purpose is to provide a high-quality comprehensive education for all students.

We believe in creating opportunities for students to be successful. We pride ourselves on providing programs and classes that prepare students for life after high school; for some students, this means readiness for college, and for others, it means readiness for the world of work. Our mission is to provide the necessary programs and services for all students to graduate with a high school diploma. Specifically, the mission and vision of West High School are to create a learning community where all students have equal opportunity to excel academically, artistically, athletically and socially. The school will be a partnership among staff, students and parents who share the responsibility for nurturing a commitment to academic excellence and Viking Pride.


Kern High Graduation Requirements 

for High School Diploma
 English (40 Credits Required)        
 Math (30 Credits Required, including algebra)        
 Science (30 Credits Required)        
 Social Science (40 Credits Required)        
 Visual/Performing Arts or Foreign Language (10 Credits Required)        
 Electives (50 Credits Required)        
 Physical Education (20 Credits Required)        


Need to complete 220 credits.