West High School

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Greeting From the Principal

We have a mission and a vision at West High School.

We believe that through the creation of a results oriented culture where staff members work collaboratively to focus on student learning, all students can be academically, socially, and emotionally prepared to thrive in the 21st century.


Our mission is to provide the programs and services to make it possible for all students to graduate, on time, with a high school diploma prepared to succeed in the workplace or in collegiate studies.  


We value many things but believe that the core to our success in helping your student is through holding ourselves to the following values:  



1.  Improve student academic performance

2.  Promote school pride

3.  Instructional time is rigorous, relevant, and valued

4.  Professionalism, integrity and collaboration among staff

5.  Support all students

6.  Commitment and excellence in all we do

7.  Building relationships


We have every expectation that students will be:


Prepared for College and a Career

  •        Critical and creative thinkers
  •        Prepared to pursue higher educational goals
  •        Ready with plans for a career or college after high school
  • Skilled for the 21st Century and Globally Competent
  •        Effective communicators and collaborators
  •        Technologically proficient
  •        Able to access and evaluate information

Socially Responsible

  •        Informed to make healthy, ethical, and moral life choices
  •        Able to take on responsibilities and challenges
  •        Productive members of the community