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Distance Learning - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What date does school or distance learning begin, and what is the daily schedule?

School begins on Monday, August 24th at 8:00 am. Students will check-in virtually to their classes as shown below and attendance will be taken every period every day:


Period 0 will meet daily from 7:05 until 7:50 am.

Period 8 will meet daily from 3:10 until 3:55 pm.


Students will attend 3 periods a day.  Green day will be periods 1, 2, & 3 and Gold day will be periods 4/5, 6 & 7. 
bell schedule

*Attendance will be taken every period every day.

What does online (distance learning) look like?

Students will not attend physically on campus and instead will use the internet to connect to the CANVAS learning system, log in to their account page, click on the current class period, and access their courses.  Students will also be able to receive help from their teachers during the Academic Support period each afternoon. They may initiate contact with the teacher by emailing them. Click on the Canvas image below to go the Canvas sign in page. 


What technology support is available for students and parents?

The Kern High School District has a Digital Resources website located here. On this website, you'll find everything you need to get set up with distance learning.  Additionally, the Kern High School District has a team of caring professionals that are committed to providing technical support.  Students, parents, and staff who are in need of technical support can call (weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm) or email the KHSD Informational Technology Department for help with: Passwords, Synergy, ParentVue, StudentVue, or other technical issues. Click on the image below to go to the Kern High School District webpage for district wide information. 

Call: 1-833-827-2855

Email: [email protected]

What is my student’s school email address?

It is their six-digit school ID number, followed by @kernhigh.org. For example, it will look like [email protected]. Incoming freshmen will receive a KHSD mailer during the week of 8/3/20 listing their six-digit ID number.


How does my student log into CANVAS for the first time?

After they have their six-digit ID, follow these instructions. They can also watch a very helpful and informative video here. There is a 24-hour Canvas Support Hotline available to students and parents: 866-932-7861.


How do I get my student’s schedule of classes?

Once students have logged into CANVAS (after 8/5/20), the classes can be found by clicking on  “Courses” in the left column.  Students can also view their classes on their StudentVue account starting August 17th. All incoming 9th-grade students should receive an email with their activation code. Click HERE for StudentVue set-up directions, or HERE for ParentVue set-up directions.


How do I check out a Chromebook?

If a student need to check out a Chromebook, Grades 10-12 will do so on Tuesday, 8/10/20 or Wednesday, 8/11/20 in the gym parking lot. Freshman will check-out Chromebooks on Friday, 8/7/20 – from 8:00am to 3:00pm at the administration building.


How do I log into a Chromebook?


Why am I unable to log into zoom?

For students who can’t access zoom, they need to use their KHSD account and follow the SOS video here Students may have had a previous zoom account so they must accept the merge of their two accounts and this was emailed to them in their KHSD email on Tuesday, August 25th.  Make sure to check your "junk" folder as well for this email.  For students to join the zoom meeting, they must be logged in with their KHSD credentials (UID#@kernhigh.org). 

When do we check out textbooks for the classes?

Textbooks will not be required for the first few days of classes while students are learning to use the CANVAS learning system and connecting with their teachers through guided activities. The textbook distribution will take place starting Tuesday, September 1st- Friday, September 4th via drive-thru in parking lot #4 near the tennis courts. Textbooks will be distributed daily by grade level from 1:30- 3:00 p.m. following the schedule below:


Tuesday, September 1st- 12th grade

Wednesday, September 2nd- 11th grade

Thursday, September 3rd- 10th grade

Friday, September 4th- 9th grade


Any time a student needs a textbook or supply, students may come between 1- 3:00 pm to pick up necessary instructional materials from our textbook window located in the administration office.


How do I check-out a book from the library to read?

Students may use this link to request a book for our "Curbisde Library" services. Students may use the link to search and/or request a book and students may pick-up the book every Thursday from 1-3:00 pm outside the textbook window of the administration office. We want students to keep reading as reading leads to success!


What is the grading system this semester?

We are returning to the traditional A, B, C, D, F grading system.  Students and parents can review current grades and attendance (participation each period) by logging into StudentVue or ParentVue.


How do I get a ParentVue account?

Instructions for logging onto the ParentVue app with your cell phone are available here.


How do I contact a staff member?

You can email teachers and support staff by accessing the staff directory on our website or by using the teacher email link found after each course listed on StudentVue or ParentVue.  

How do I contact my counselor?

Counselors may also be contacted directly by using this link.  


How do I find out information about my grade level and school announcements?

Students should use the following Google classroom codes below to receive updates and information specific to their grade level and to access school-wide announcements and information:

9th Grade- fdjhryy

10th Grade- eaw2774

11th Grade- ukypzks

12th Grade- gdz6nef


How do I find out information about after-school virtual tutoring support?

Starting October 6, West High teachers will sponsor Virtual Tutoring sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 3-4 pm. Please click here for the Virtual Tutoring schedule to see which subjects are offered each day.  Virtual Tutoring Sessions are a great resource in helping students improve their grades and learn their class material.



What if my student cannot attend a class due to illness, doctor’s appointments, or other circumstances?

The parent will call our Attendance Line to excuse absences the same way they would if students were on campus.   For students whose last names begin with A-K: Answering machine-direct line (661) 832-2938.  For students whose last names begin with L-Z: answering machine-direct line (661) 832-2863.


How is attendance taken? 

Student attendance will be taken every period every day. For a distance learning environment, a student’s attendance is based on their daily interactions or their time value of the work they have completed for that day as determined by their teacher. All students should interact daily with each scheduled class via Canvas (the district’s learning management system) or video conferencing. Students should log into their classes daily during their scheduled class time to participate in teacher-led synchronous instructional activities. If a student is unable to log into the synchronous distance learning scheduled class, other interactions can represent the student’s engagement for their daily learning and be used to document daily attendance. Attendance can also be monitored by using features in Canvas: last login, discussions, chat, or other daily submissions. In accordance with Education Code, distance learning attendance follows the same rules as on-campus attendance and absences must be cleared within 72 hours.




My student has had difficulty coping with changes that have been occurring.  Who can I contact for additional help?

All requests for support, including for academic or personal reasons begin with our WHS Intervention and & Supports Request Form.   If requests for more specialized services are needed, the counselors will make direct referrals to either our site psychologist, social worker, interventionist, nurse, behaviorist, or to an appropriate outside agency.


Students and parents are encouraged to visit the KHSD Student Support Services page that includes important community resources and supports which can be found here.




Will there be athletic teams and events this year?

Yes, but all seasons have been pushed back to at least January 2021, and some sports have been moved to a different season.  Find the most current information here, but more to follow.


On Monday, October 5th, the KHSD Board of Trustees approved outdoor sports conditioning to begin on Monday, October 26th. Fall sports conditioning: football, volleyball, and cross country, will be able to condition outdoors in small cohorts of no more than 16 student-athletes/coach.


Updated changes from the California Health Department (CDPH) allow high school sports competition. For up-to-date information regarding sports at West High School, students should access the WHS Canvas "announcement" page. For students to participate, students must be cleared in sportsnet. Please go to this link to complete questions and parent signatures. Students will also need a physical and Priority Urgent Care is currently doing free physicals. Students/parents may email the WHS athletic director, Scott Davisson: [email protected].




Will we have marching band, color guard, choir, drama and other fine arts performances?

Students are still enrolled in these classes throughout the day for credit.  At this time, all regional and state-level competitions have been canceled or postponed.  


Will students still attend ROP/CTEC classes? 

The key component to ROP classes is hands-on learning, but it also requires many hours of textbook instruction and lectures.  They will begin the year with distance learning and more information specific to ROC can be found on their website at: https://roc.kernhigh.org/Beginning March 24th, students in ROP/CTEC may attend in-person. For information about in-person instruction, students should contact their ROP/CTEC teacher directly.




All children ages 2-18 are eligible to receive free lunch. After spring break, West High School will distribute food Monday and Thursdays from 1:00-2:30 pm via drive-thru in the cafeteria parking lot. For the week of April 5th, food will be distributed Tuesday, April 6th and Thursday, April 8th.




Are the AP exams still scheduled to take place?

Yes.  College Board has stated they currently plan to offer the tests.  If they must be canceled, the College Board will refund the test fees.




What supports are available for students with a 504 or Individualized Education Plan (IEP)?

If you or your student has questions or concerns regarding a 504 plan, please contact our Dean of Student Services, Shannon Barnes at [email protected]. For all questions or concerns regarding Special Education services including Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), please contact our Program Specialist Kristie Weisser at [email protected]



What additional resources are available for students, parents, and families during the COVID-19 school closure?

In light of the current situation, we have created a list of resources for our families here.