West High School is committed to providing its students with resources that make navigating the high school experience easier and more efficient. The time you spend here at West High is brief but full of excitement, challenge, and promise. The staff here are dedicated to providing you with a culture of learning as well as a culture of Viking PRIDE!
Below you will find a Resource Guide to help you understand the importance of each academic year--freshmen are meeting new friends, deciding on what classes to take, and are learning their unique strengths; sophomores are identifying career goals and becoming more involved in campus activities; juniors are researching colleges and identifying whether they want to go into a career-technical field or on to a junior college or university; and seniors are preparing for life after high school. All of these experiences are tremendously valuable and ultimately lead to creating productive community members who are prepared for a diverse and changing world. The resources listed will provide easy access to college and career planning. Hopefully, you use this guide as a support during your time here at West High!