Special Education

If you need to schedule a meeting for your child's IEP or 504, please call
CLICK HERE for more detailed information on Educational Support Services.
Our biggest goal within the special education department is to help prepare your student to achieve his or her maximum potential in life after high school.  THS is a platform for providing them with unique skills and academic training.  A few tips on helping your student:
1) Help them get to know their strengths and interests -- Build on them!
2) Help them get to know their areas in which to grow.  Everyone struggles with something, so remind them never to give up.
3) Provide them with exposure to different jobs, skills, and career options by taking them on field trips and showing them the different careers while you are out in town.
4) Help them stay organized by having folders, binders, pens / pencils, and highlighters -- the more organized, the better they will do in their classes.
Most importantly, as soon as you see your student beginning to struggle, email or call the teachers to ensure he or she stays on top of homework and classwork.  The more classes they pass, the closer they are to graduation day!
Transition Services (High School to Adulthood)
If your student has an IEP, part of the IEP is an individual transition services plan.  The transition plan addresses three areas: Education, Employment, and Independent Living Skills.  Contact your student's case carrier if you have any questions.  Visit the California Career Zone to access a wide range of information about post-secondary (after high school) education and employment.
Workability is a program for students with IEPs to work during the school year or summer to earn high school credit, learn about employment skills, and prepare for life after high school.