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Counseling Staff Contact Information

It is officially summer break! Feel free to email your counselor but know you may not receive a response right away. If you need immediate assistance, please call the school office: 661-832-2822.
Mrs. Mayra Rivera, Head Counselor
Counselor for students with the last names A-Barc, ELL and AVID
Mrs. Katheryne (Monge) Gonzalez
Counselor for students with the last names Bard-F
Mrs. Monica Lizarraga
Counselor for students with the last names G-Martin
Mrs. Kelley Beauchamp  (email)
Counselor for students with the last names: Martinez - Rod
*Email is best form of communication during summer or Make an Appointment using this link: https://calendly.com/whsbeauchamp



Mrs. Kelly Oakes (email)
Counselor for Students with the last names Roe-Z,  all foster students & Workforce 





Mrs. Morgi Geivet
College and Career Tech
Ms. Maria Lira
CalSOAP College Peer Advisor   (Hablo español)
Google Voice #: (661) 750-0358
Location:  virtually via Zoom at: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/j/98046709075 (Cal-SOAP has a virtual lobby where students can come in and ask for me or just say that they are from West)
Office Hours:

              Monday       8:00-4:00

              Tuesday      8:00-4:00

              Wednesday 8:00-4:00

              Thursday     8:00-4:00

Kristie Weisser
Program Specialist for Special Education
Mrs. Edith Williams
Counseling Secretary